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Why we choose 316 stainless steel security screen?

There are many kinds of window screens including fiberglass window screen, galvanized iron window screen, stainless steel security screen. Why we choose 316 stainless steel security screen?
MAISHI 316 stainless steel security screen is made with high tensile wire with over 900N tensile strength. So it greatly prevent the burglars from breaking the windows and doors to get into the room. 
MAISHI 316 stainless steel security screen has proper hole size to ensure the fresh air can easily come into the room, and keeps the insects outside. MAISHI 316 stainless steel security screen could also help to avoid a warm and humid environment inside the home. And the screen allows you to have a good view of outside scenery. Sitting in the room, you could also enjoy the sight through scenery. 
Apart from the functional usage, MAISHI is also pursuing a good looking. When someone gets to your front door, the first thing they’ll notice about your wonderful home is the front door. If you have a stunning screen door, you’ll make an even better first impression. MAISHI offer stainless steel security screen with bright shiny black color, which will not fade or peal after years of usage. And the black color makes a certain private space for your room.
MAISHI accept customized sizes. So if you have any special requirement, please tell us. 

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