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Regular manufacturers: Surface treatment of Security screen mesh

The Security screen mesh is generally sprayed with electrophoretic paint. The surface treatment of the electrophoretic paint makes the surface of the Security screen mesh have a protective film. After the spray-painted treatment, the Security screen mesh has a stronger anti-corrosion and rust resistance, and can also improve the Strength and hardness to extend the life of Security screen mesh.

Security screen mesh is woven with high-quality stainless steel wire through domestic advanced heavy-duty shuttleless weaving machine. It is made through a series of production processes such as professional washing, drawing, cutting, and spraying. The surface is electrophoretic sprayed. It can withstand a variety of severe weather and environmental corrosion factors such as acid rain for a long time. It has very high strength and hardness, and very good corrosion resistance and wear resistance. Its service life is longer than that of ordinary screens.

Maishi Group introduces the characteristics of the painted Security screen mesh:

1. Use high-quality paint, the paint is strong, it will not fall off easily after spraying, and the phenomenon of bursting will not occur, which makes theSecurity screen mesh not afraid of direct sunli

ght and wind and rain, which enhances the weather resistance of the Security screen mesh.

2, the surface of the Security screen mesh after spraying is fine, and the colors can be selected. After spraying, it is beautiful, smooth, full in color and bright.

3. A solid protective film is formed on the surface of the Security screen mesh after spraying, which can effectively protect the internal substrate of the Security scree

n mesh, improve corrosion resistance, and insulation of the outer skin.

4, with environmental protection, non-toxic, non-radiation, anti-penetration, strong impact resistance and other advantages.

5. A solid protective film is formed on the surface of theSecurity screen mesh after spraying. This layer of film is abrasion-resistant, repairable, convenient to maintain, and easy to clean.

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