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Security mesh screen's scientifically correct installation process

Security mesh screens that are resistant to corrosion, mosquitoes and bats are now the main epidemic on the market. Compared with traditional screens, it is more durable. The anti-theft function is also more powerful. The correct installation of Security mesh screen is very important!

Security mesh screens can be renovated later or after check-in. Why? If you install Security mesh screens during the early decoration period, dust and other dust during the decoration will be scattered on the Security mesh screens, causing troubles in later cleaning. The installation of Security mesh screens is relatively simple, as long as there are power tools, one can be installed in a few minutes without damaging the wall, so the later installation or after installation will have little effect on it.

MAISHI Group has been a professional manufacturer of Security mesh screens for 30 years. Our Security mesh screens have a longer service life than their peers.

Installation process: 1. Frame and fan

2. The outer screen can be removed and washed with Security screens, and the two frames fastened with screws can be directly countered.

3. The frame-frame flat-open Security mesh screens can be screwed back directly to fasten the two frames.

4. Economical removable and washable Security mesh screens. Just fasten the two frames with screws.

Proper Security screen installation is very important. In addition, it is very convenient to choose Security mesh screens made by high-quality manufacturers. It only needs to be gently wiped with a cloth moistened with water.

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