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Is Security screen mesh doors and windows related to formaldehyde?

Now our living standards have gradually improved. When many customers buy Security screen mesh, may they also think that Security pscreen mesh doors and windows will have formaldehyde pollution?

The material of Security mesh must be high-quality stainless steel wire. The raw materials must be of high quality. Customers of such end products will be more at ease.

Under normal circumstances, such as the regular group MAISHI wire mesh manufacturing group, theSecurity meshs they produce are usually mainly sprayed with powder, so that relatively simple products will not generate formaldehyde that is harmful to humans. Formaldehyde and Security screen mesh, as the old Chinese saying goes: Eight lives can't be related!

Is there anyone doubting that the spray 

owder is toxic?

Powder coating is a new powder coating material without liquid solvent thinner. Heavy anti-corrosion, recyclable powder, high decoration, and no pollution to the environment.

Powder spraying is the use of powder spraying equipment to spray powder coating on the surface of aluminum material. Under the action of static electricity, the powder will be uniformly adsorbed on the surface of aluminum material to form a powdery coating. , Becomes a final coating with different effects (different kinds of effects of powder coatings).

From the main production process, we can see that the chemical composition of the powder coating has not been changed, but the environmentally friendly powder coating is heated and solidified on the aluminum surface by physical methods.

From this conclusion, Security screen mesh doors and windows are very safe and green products. We can buy with confidence.

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