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Why many foreign friends choose maishi

Every friend chooses carefully when choosing a manufacturer. It's always right to follow most choices. What's so good about choosing maishi group's Security screen mesh?

The Security screen mesh is woven with high-strength stainless steel wire, and the surface can be resisted by various severe weather or environmental corrosion factors such as acid rain for a long time after being subjected to electrophoretic spraying. , The interior keeps bright and natural at any time. Easy to care: This product is made of special material, it is convenient to care, it is as bright as new with a little care, and its life is 10 times that of ordinary screens.

Security screen mesh advantages:

1. [Installation method]: Concealed on aluminum doors and windows without changing the original window structure. The stainless steel mesh is hidden in the window frame, and the aluminum strip is sealed. Thousands of colors to match with home style.

2. [Easy care]: Dust and oil are easy to clean, even if the general cleaning products are slightly care, it will be as bright as new. If possible, use a vacuum cleaner for daily care.

3. [Permeability]: The light transmission effect is excellent, the visual sense is clear from the inside to the outside and there is no cage feeling, but the effect of dense fog and flowers is seen from the outside to the inside, which satisfies people's privacy.

4. [Service life]: The overall structure of the anti-theft screens of Jin Gang Net is made of high-quality metal materials, and the alloy materials are all treated by electrophoretic painting. They are not afraid of humid environment and sun. Anti-oxidation, anti-corrosion and no rust, with a service life of more than 30 years.

5. [High-altitude protection]: The net body can withstand high-intensity impact force, which can effectively prevent children from accidentally falling down, and flower pots falling. Even in high-rise dwellings, the elderly and playing children in the room will not be in an unsafe state due to the opening of the doors and windows, and the windows can be opened and ventilated at any time in the room.

6. [Anti-snake and rat-proof]; The gauze wire diameter of the cross-woven structure is 0.8 millimeters, which has been tested by the international authority SGS test; the shock resistance is 2.148 tons, and the mouse and snake can only detour.

7. [Mosquito and fly prevention]: The mesh structure is woven by using the aperture size of the screen mesh, which is effective in preventing insects and flies, and has excellent light transmission. The visual sense is clear from the inside and there is no cage feeling. It is the effect of dense fog to see flowers, satisfying people's private space.

8. [Anti-theft]: The mesh body is woven with special metal wires, commonly known as Security screen meshs. The material is 304 stainless steel wire. The outer surface is protected by powder electrostatic spraying. Its super hardness and strength can resist knife, axe, vise and scissors. Destruction. Prevent intruders from intruding and protect the lives and property of family members.

The choice of Security screen meshs can achieve the effects that are difficult for other anti-theft devices, and the quality guarantee is also very good. Therefore, we can filter out the trusted brand MAISHI in accordance with the actual situation in order to achieve the most satisfactory results at the lowest cost. .

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