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How do you choose a good Security screen mesh

Security screen meshs have developed rapidly during these three or two years, and many door and window manufacturers have begun to scramble to order nets. It is important to seize business opportunities to control the commanding heights of the windows and doors market, but Chihang Security screen mesh also sincerely advises everyone to polish their eyes, so as not to mess up the entire window due to some defects in the net, and lose the wife and lose arms.

Where do we start when we buy Security screen mesh?

Security screen mesh sprayed surface Chi Hang Security screen mesh factory strictly according to the best and the highest spray temperature of 204 degrees Celsius, the best baking time 

of 78 seconds, promised to not rot high quality plastic powder for 40 years, to ensure the best spray effect, Ensure that the surface of the net is beautiful and not durable.

Security screen mesh currently has four meshes in the market: 10 mesh, 11 mesh, 12 mesh, and 13 mesh. According to the factory's experiments, the 10 mesh can only block some large insects such as flies and moths. Although the 11 and 12 meshes can block general mosquitoes and flies, they have no effect on small mosquitoes such as mosquitoes. The 13 meshes have the best effect and can prevent all mosquitoes from being outdoors.

Security screen mesh materials are more commonly used now, such as 304 and 316. Because it is a different material, the price gap will be very large, and a special testing potion is required for inspection. Prevent high prices for low-quality products。

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