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What is the customization process of Security screen meshs?

When the manufacturer customizes Security screen mesh, the process is divided into the following four steps.

1. Select the product customer at a certain brand of Security mesh screen sales point or processing factory, fancy a certain type of Security screen mesh, the screen shop will arrange personnel to come to the customer's home to measure the size, according to the size and color of the door and window Style, as well as materials to tailor the Security mesh screens.

2. On-site measurement According to the customer's choice, the type, thickness, color of the screen of theSecurity mesh anti-theft screen, the material, thickness, color, and size of the screen of the Security mesh screen. After confirming the price, confirm the order with the customer. After the customer signs and confirms, the customer is required to pay 30% -60% of the total amount of the screens to the screen shop. (All the screens are installed, and after confirming that there are no problems, the customer will pay again. Finish the screen window) The screen shop will then send the customer screen order to the Security mesh screen manufacturer, according to the customer order, the Security mesh screen style, material thickness, screen size, screen color and Security mesh screen material, thickness, color, etc. To produce customized Security mesh screens for customers.

3. Make an appointment to install the Security mesh anti-theft screens. After the production of the screens is completed, the screener's processing factory or store will make an appointment in advance, and arrange the installers to send the screens to the customer's home. After the signature is confirmed, you can install the screens.

4. On-site installation During the installation process of the Security mesh screen, the customer carefully checks whether all the screens are properly installed. Pay attention to the details of the installation and the tightness of the seal. The installation time of 7-10 screen windows in the home is about 1.5-3 hours.

The top is the installation and customization process steps of Security screen meshs. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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