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World Cleanup Day is coming, how do you clean security screens?

World Cleanup Day is coming, how do you clean security screens?

-Reduce energy pollution and maintain the cleanliness of the earth.

MAISHI security screen can be used for more than 10 years without rusting. During the long time, there must be some dust. How do you clean security screens? Below are some suggestions:

Method 1. Sponge cleaning method: Cleaning security screen by dipping the sponge into a small amount of water. When cleaning, use a little force, dust can be easily sucked out, it is very easy and convenient. What needs to be specially understood is that this cleaning method uses less water and does not wet the floor;

Method 2 . Newspaper cleaning method: Cleaning security screen by newspaper. Firstly, we make a basin of water, put a large newspaper on the water surface, until it is completely wet, lift the newspaper on the security screen, wait for the newspaper to dry. Then tear it off so that the dust can be torn off. The only drawback of this method is that it takes a long time to wait and leaves water stains on the floor;

Method 3. The edge cleaning method: For this method, it is to remove the security screen yarn, and wash it with a brush. Another is cleaning security screen while removing it, taking care not to completely remove the security screen, but slowly squat down. The advantage of this method is that the brush is always at the bottom of the security screen and is easy to clean.

We hope that the above knowledge could help you better maintenance the security screens. Anything we could help, please do not hesitate to contact MASIHI MFG.

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