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Why many foreign friends choose maishi

Every friend chooses carefully when choosing a manufacturer It s always right to follow most choices What s so good about choosing maishi group s Security screen mesh?

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Regular manufacturers: Surface treatment of Security screen mesh

The Security screen mesh is generally sprayed with electrophoretic paint The surface treatment of the electrophoretic

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Quality of security screen mesh

1 Flat surface: Good quality security screen mesh has very flat surface If it is not, the security screen mesh is not qualified

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How do you choose a good Security screen mesh

Security screen meshs have developed rapidly during these three or two years, and many door and window manufacturers have begun to scramble to order nets

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Why is 316 or 304 Security screen mesh sprayed?

Security screen mesh has many materials Some materials including 304, or 316, etc Nowadays, Security screen mesh is mostly spray-coated

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Hot Products

Best Partner Of Mesh

Top Quality SS 316 Securit...

Top Quality SS 316 Securit......

Maishiisaprofessionalmanufacturerof316marinegradeblackpowdersecurityscreeninChina The most welcomed width range from 750mm...

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Bushfire test 316 marine g...

Bushfire test 316 marine g......

stainless steel security window screen mesh not only protects your home from being concerned by thieves and burgl...

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Marine grade 316 10 mesh ...

Marine grade 316 10 mesh ......

Stainless steel security screen is made of high tensile AISI316 stainless steel wire MAISHI can offer high tensi...

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