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Quality of security screen mesh

1. Flat surface: Good quality security screen mesh has very flat surface. If it is not, the security screen mesh is not qualified. MAISHI ensure the flat surface, and good outlook when you install into your doors and windows.

2. Color: Good quality security screen mesh was coated the powder outside, then high temperature baking varnish, it has bright surface and long life time. The surface of unqualified security screen mesh turns dark. Usually security screens are powder coated with black color, which could effectively protect your inhouse not be seen from outside in daytime.

3. Material: There are stainless steel 304, 316, high 

carbon steel, low carbon steel, hot galvanized, etc material. Good security screen mesh was woven by 316 stainless steel, it can be tested by stainless steel detection solution. 316 stainless steel also called marine grade, which will not rust even in seaside wet environment.

4. High strength: MAISHI use high tensile wire of over 900N, which is very strong and not easily to be cut. So the security mesh could keep the burglars and thieves outside, and your in-house property are well protected.

MAISHI is specialized in security screen mesh for many years, and we assure of 10 years warranty. Any need, welcome to contact us.

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