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Tech Text

Security mesh screen rejects insect's best screens

Security mesh screen is braided by stainless steel wire with relatively high strength. Security mesh screen can effectively protect people's privacy. Insects can be prevented from entering the house in summer.

If you want to open doors and windows during the day or night, the Security mesh screen is the best way to protect you from bugs. When you install theSecurity mesh screen, you can keep insects away and still maintain privacy. Not only that, you can also maintain sufficient airflow and keep the temperature of your home controlled.

For those living in warm climates, Security mesh screen is useful throughout the year. That is, if you tend to open doors and windows throughout the summer, you may want to prevent delivery staff and lawyers from entering your house. With the right materials, you can exclude bugs and other pests while retaining privacy.

In addition, the Security mesh screen still allows light to enter your house during the day. You don't have to choose between adequate lighting and privacy. High-quality silk screens will not darken your room.

As a supplier of Security mesh screens, MAISHI Group, we can provide samples for you to view. We also provide professional services such as cutting and measuring!

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