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Tech Text

Can mosquitoes enter the Security screen mesh door and window

When purchasing Security screen mesh doors and windows, generally choose 8 meshes or other meshes. The anti-mosquito effect is better. The wire diameter of the Security screen mesh is very thick, and the mesh surface is hard to break with external force, and the screen can only be opened from the inside to remove the screen window, so the anti-theft effect is very good.

When choosing the Security screen mesh doors and windows, pay attention to the classification of mesh size and aperture size. Ask the manufacturer about anti-mosquito home use. They are generally well-known and can help you to buy more satisfactory 


Why do we recommend customers choose to use Security screen mesh doors and windows only because it is anti-mosquito?

Answer: No, Security screen mesh doors and windows are not only anti-mosquito but also anti-theft.

The state of the net is also in the form of an iron plate, which is relatively hard, and the im

pact resistance is also a super strong one. If this product is used in the room and office, it is more secure and can also play a role Anti-theft effect..

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