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High Tensile Security Screen Mesh

316 Black Powder Coated Security  Screen Mesh

316 Black Powder Coated Security Screen Mesh

It is high tensile AISI316 stainless steel wire, tolerance(+ -0.01mm), tensile strength is more than 900Mpa (900N)

It is high tensile AISI 316 stainless steel wire, tolerance(0.01mm), tensile strength is more than 900Mpa (900N).

The holes are square and the wires are very strong (not sliding), screen surface is flattened after we weave the wires to mesh screen.


Safe: Not easy to cut and break pass AS5039-2008

Private : No one can peep at room

Beautiful: Gorgeous surface

Durable: More than 10years Warranty pass AS2331.3.1-2001


Excellent flact surface

High tension,Equal aperture and dia

Corrosion resistance,easy to install

10 years not to corrode,face or bubble

Black color filter 60% of UV rays

Passes the below tests

1) Knife Shear Test(AS5039-2008)

2) Anti-Jemmy Test(AS509-2008)

3) Pull Test(AS5039-2008)

4) Durable more than 10 years(AS2331.31-2001)

5) 3006 Hour Salt Spray Tests, 534 hours UV Test

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