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Security screen meshs prevent rats from destroying food

What we all know is that Vajra Nets are not only used as Vajra Nets screens, they can also be used as food storage. October 16th is the "World Food Day". Who knows that Chinese dishes are hard, every grain is hard-won, but many people's food is stolen by rats. This is really distressing.

Now many agricultural farmers use Security screen meshs to make nets for storing their own food. Braided with ultra-high-strength stainless steel wire, able to resist strong external impact and damage. In addition, the surface is treated with black matte spray to make it more beautiful and durable. The shelf life can reach 50 years.

Security screen meshs have the advantages of resisting shearing, preventing corrosion, preventing thieves from entering, and preventing flying insects from biting food.

Security screen mesh can be customized into the desired shape, and weaving methods can be selected: plain weave, twill weave, double Dutch weaving and so on. What we need is detailed communication with manufacturers. Choosing a manufacturer such as the maishi Group for more than 30 years not only improves the product quality, but more importantly, the after-sales and service of the product are invincible by other manufacturers. In addition to the weaving method, as well as the size and mesh size of Security screen mesh, you need to contact our salesman who specializes in customer service.

Maishi security screen mesh will keep the food well. Food can effectively prevent rats from stealing food. Ensure that farmers' agricultural income does not decrease.

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