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Can windows and doors made of Security screen meshs be broken by destruction tongs?

Now that people's living standards have improved, more people want to install Security screen mesh to ensure the safety of family property! Some people will also ask: Can the doors and windows made of Security screen meshs be broken by destruction clamps? Answer: Definitely not. why?

Because the Security screen meshs produced by regular manufacturers such as maishi are absolutely resistant to 

damage. It is made of high-strength stainless steel wire, and the surface can be resisted by various severe weather or environmental corrosion factors such as acid rain for a long time after electrophoretic spraying treatment. With anti-high impact force, anti-shear and other functions, truly achieve seven-in-one functions such as anti-mosquito, anti-theft and environmental protection.

In addition, the maishi group's Security screen mesh has the same level of certification as the Australian cramsafe. Most of maishi's foreign customers have already cooperated with brand companies, and their sales volume is also far ahead in China!

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